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In an era where the cost of square footage for storage can affect a company’s bottom line, standard storage applications may not be the answer for growing businesses. Mezzanine systems use to cost thousands of dollars, involve custom components, feature unrealistic costs for expansion and become permanent fixtures to a warehouse until now. Santex Solutions can provide not only an affordable mezzanine system to maximize storage but a modular application that can be changed up to meet the changing needs of any warehouse space. The Santex system involves an interchanging grid system for the upper levels and various styles of shelving for every warehouse need. Santex will design a system that can be removed and reinstalled quickly. It can be changed up to meet different types of storage needs after the initial installation and won’t involve custom welding or high-end steel components.

The transition of going from 9 to 12 feet on a ground level to having a second level of storage in a small to medium size warehouse can be completed in as little as 3 to 5 days. This system gives companies that rent warehouse space and move periodically a chance to take full advantage of a space solution without having to leave their investment for the next occupant. These systems can also be expanded easily and allow small to medium size businesses a sound budgetary way to install a partial mezzanine system and expand as needed. All Santex systems feature maximum weight capacities you find in the high-end mezzanine systems without the enormous cost. Santex provides an affordable custom mezzanine system that works for your needs without the word “custom” bringing into play something unaffordable. All Santex modular mezzanine systems come with a 5 Year Parts / 2 Year Labor Warranty.

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